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A commonly asked question we get is “What the difference is between a contested divorce and an uncontested divorce?”

Consultation_GraphicAn uncontested divorce in Georgia can be done when both of the parties (both spouses) are in total agreement to all the terms of the divorce and the divorce based on a claim of irreconcilable differencesSee O.C.G.A. 19-5-3 (2017)

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In a Georgia uncontested divorce, the parties must be in complete agreement on how their property will be divided, how their debts will be divided, what the terms will be for child custody and child support.  Also, the parties will be in total agreement regarding how much, if any spousal support / alimony will be paid and for how long. If the parties are not in agreement on any significant term of the divorce, then an uncontested divorce cannot be filed.

This “complete agreement” must be memorialized in the form of a signed and notarized Divorce Settlement Agreement.  And if there are minor children in the marriage, an agreed upon Child Support Addendum and Parenting Plan must also be reached.  All agreements filed with the court must be signed, dated and notarized Along with several other legally required documents, these agreements must be filed with the uncontested divorce case.

Even if the parties are in total agreement regarding their children, assets, debts and spousal support putting this agreement into a legal document the court will approve without the help of a divorce lawyer can be difficult.  The Georgia uncontested divorce attorneys at Coleman Legal Group, LLC have negotiated and drafted numerous divorce agreements and will able to take your agreed terms and prepare a complete collection of legal documents the court will accept and approve.

Will I Have to Go to a Court?

In most uncontested divorces, going to the court for a final hearing is not usually necessary. Most uncontested divorces are granted within sixty (60) days without a court hearing. However, in the event your case is filed in a court that requires final hearings or the judge in your case has a policy of scheduling all uncontested divorced for a final hearing, it will usually be a very brief hearing. Only the person asking for the divorce (the petitioner or plaintiff) will need to go to any final hearing. This is a consideration that needs to be addressed if two spouses are in total agreement about the divorce, but one spouse will be traveling or otherwise unavailable for a unlikely, but possible court hearing.

Assets in a Georgia Uncontested Divorce

When a divorce involves significant assets we help our clients prepare for potential tax implications associated with their divorce.  We work with tax experts, accountants and financial planners to help in negotiating the nuances of a divorce document that are in the best interest of our clients.

Simple Uncontested Divorces in Georgia

The Georgia uncontested divorce attorneys at Coleman Legal Group, LLC also assist with more simple divorces by helping to guide you through the process, which will save you much time and frustration. We do this by helping move your divorce case through the courts as quickly as possible. In many cases, you may not even have to go to court to get your final decree of divorce.  We will prepare and execute the necessary documents to avoid the final court hearing when possible.

Complex Uncontested Divorces in Georgia

The Georgia uncontested divorce attorneys at Coleman Legal Group, LLC have extensive training and experience with more complicated divorce cases involving complex custody, asset and debt issues.  By helping to guide you through the uncontested divorce process, which will save you much time, money and worry.  We do this by helping move your divorce case through the courts as quickly as possible with as little expense as possible.  In many of our uncontested divorce cases, you may not even have to go to court to get your final decree of divorce.  We will prepare and execute the necessary documents to avoid the final court hearing whenever it is possible.

Mediation in a Georgia Uncontested Divorce

If your case is more complicated or you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement alone – and you feel that you may be able to resolve your differences in mediation with an attorney advising you in the small and major decision.  When you are ready, our uncontested divorce attorneys can schedule and arrange a formal mediation in our offices or other location.  Fortunately for most divorcing couples, mediation frequently results in a uncontested divorce agreement that can be finalized quickly.

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